Here’s what our satisfied customers have to say about Therapy-G

This Product is a Dream Come TrueThis product is a dream come true for me and I recommend it to anyone that will listen to me.

Ann H. Quincy, Massachusetts




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Here’s what our satisfied customers have to say about Therapy-G
This Product is a Dream Come True

This product is a dream come true for me and I recommend it to anyone that will listen to me.

Ann H. Quincy, Massachusetts

My hair has always been thin and fine and, at all times, I was very much aware you could see through to the scalp. Already my hair feels fuller and seems to have more body, and it has only been a month since I started to use the product. I have spent a fortune on bottle after bottle of expensive hair loss treatments. Only Therapy-G has delivered on its promise.

Thank you,

Your Product is a Miracle

I am in shock! Your products is a real miracle!

I am a 42 year old man and I began experiencing hair loss in my early twenties. I am a veteran user of all the current hair growth products and keep up with a regular regime of Propecia pills and Minoxidal. My hair has gradually receded over the years and felt I was doing all I could do, that was until my wife brought home a starter kit of Therapy-G from the salon.

I was skeptical at first, but found using the products for the first time to be enjoyable and they gave my scalp a tingling sensation. At work that day, I got several compliments on my hair……(had I gotten a new hair cut?, etc.), which I found odd because I don’t have that much hair for people to notice. In any event, I continued on with the product, thinking at this point, yes indeed it made my hair look thicker but probably would not grow new hair.

Then approximately one month later I noticed new hair growth in my temple region. About this time, my wife who is a hair stylist, gave me a hair cut and I was truly pleased. We both noticed the hair was considerably thicker in the temple region and on the top. The short hair cut my wife gave me accented the new growth.

Thanks for developing a product line that really works!
Robert Altmeyer

I Feel and Look Great

I am thrilled with Therapy-G especially the Follicle stimulator. I can feel it working all day. I can’t belive how fast I am seeing results.


What a Remarkable Improvement

I would like to take the opportunity to complement you on Therapy_G. I have used your treatment since the beginning of December and I was told I would have to use it at least 6 months before I noticed a big difference. I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my hair and it has only been three months.

Fine/thinning hair

“I am a 55 year old woman with blonde, fine/thinning hair and have been experiencing hair loss at a faster rate than normal for approximately the past two years or even more. On June 1, 2012, I started using your products. I am a huge skeptic and, was very hesitant to believe that by using specific products targeted towards a hair problem would work. Books that I have read stated that hair loss and hair problems are either genetic predisposed or due to your health and diet and no hair product will work. That said, I ordered the Therapy-G Starter Kit for Chemically treated hair which had the Antioxidant Shampoo for Chemically treated hair, the Follicle Stimulator, Conditioner & Volumizing Treatment.. To my surprise that just two weeks after using your products, on June 14, I had my six week highlight/hair cut appointment. I said nothing to my colorist or stylist and when I was seated in my stylist’s chair after several minutes, she commented on my hair. She said that my hair felt fuller, thicker, more hair and healthier than before. Now, I had not even said anything to her because I had only been using the products for approximately 14 days. I was shocked by her comments, but so elated! It has been over a month now and I cannot tell you how people that I work with, family and friends have also commented on my hair. Your products are truly a “miracle” in a bottle. I am impressed with the results thus far and looking forward to the results after 90 days of use. Your products have made me a true believer and, will be recommending this product to others having the similar issues as I have.

Very sincerely yours, Cindy G.,
West Des Moines, IOWA”

It actually made my hair grow back

“your product is wonderful. It has helped keep my hair strong & manageable. It actually made my hair grow back in where I had been thinning due to medication & stress. I can’t say enough positive comments about your product. It’s given me my confidence back. I will be a customer for life!” C.T. , Aliquippa, PA.

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