At Therapy-G, we are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information collected on the site, to make the services of Therapy-G possible and to enhance your overall customer experience.

Once a client, Therapy-G may use the e-mail address you provide to send information directly to you if you so request. The information you provide, including first name, last name, personal address, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers will be retained at Therapy-G and will be used for the purposes of verification and outstanding service only.

No personal information will be shared with any outside company.

Credit Cards
Credit Card information is required in order to process transactions.

Any information pertaining to credit card transactions is transmitted through the latest 128-bit one-way encryption technology and is not stored on any of Therapy-G servers.

Therapy-G reserves the right to decline all future transactions through the Therapy-G web site by any credit card number or I.P. address through which a “charge back” is issued or if fraudulent use of a credit card or the Therapy-G web site is suspected.

In the event you are not satisfied with any aspect of your experience on our site, including the use of any private information that you have provided us, please contact us at: E-Mail: